Creatine Benefits

creatine first discovered and isolated in muscle tissue in 1832 by Michel chevreul ,he is a French chemist . It is not a steroid or drug ,it is natural chemical compound is a naturraly occurring in your body . creatine is a compound formed in protein metabolism and present in much living tissue it is mainly involved in the supply of energy for muscular contraction. Creatine is generally safe for body but if take in limited because if taken in high doses result is serious side effects such as kidney damaged

the richest sources of creatine are meat , fish especially beef and salmon which each contain २ gram per o.४ kg . Typically २ gram a day synthesized by the body and additional २ grams can come from food metabolism . To increase sports performance creatine supplement are usually taken in ५ gram one to four time based। On requirement your body . Creatine absorption is greatly improved when it taken with high insulin releasing,sugary , carbohydrates such as grape juice . Vegetarian usually have a low intake of creatine. Because creatine not found in any plant food , vegetarian and vegan can only get it from supplement. Legumes such as beans, lentils ,chekpeas also contains trace amounts of creatine. So there is no fulfil requirement from these source so vegetarian fully dependent on supplements . So creatine is naturally occurring substance that found in meat and fish and also made made by human body in liver , pancreas,’s is converted in to creatine phosphate or phosphocreatine and stored in muscles, where it is used for energy. During high intensity short duration excercise such as weight lifting phosphocreatine is used of ATP a major carrier of energy within the human body.the most imp thing is creatine is that may increase lean muscle mass and enhance atheletic performance also help in high intensity short duration sports like high jumping and weight lifting. Some study suggests that creatine supplement may help lower level of triglycerides in men and women with high concentrations of triglycerides. creatine has been reported to help lower level of homocysteine which is associated with heart disease including heart attack and stroke. Some premary studies suggest that creatine may have anti-cancer properties. Also help I’n muscles dystrophy and Parkinson disease . Now we discussed now creatine dietary source about half of the creatine in our bodies is made from amino acid in the liver, kidney, pancreas. Lean red meat , fish especially in Herring,salmon and tuna are good source of creatine. Now we discussed about supplements sources it commonly available in powder form ,but also sold as liquids , tablets , capsules , flavoured candy and chewgums.

how to take it

pediatric-creatine supplements are not recommended for children and teenagers

Adults – you should ask your consultant to help prescribed right dose for you.

is creatine bad or good . It’s safe supplement when taken log term doses up to १० grams for up to five years have been safely used . but some side effects may include weight gain,dizziness, water retention, dehydration, upset stomach, muscles cramps . There isn’t much more enough reliable information to know it is safe for skin .

if you are being treated with any following medicine you should not use creatine without doctor permission.

Non steroid anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) , Caffeine , Diuretic, Cimetidine, Probenecid …. So don’t go with advertisement so talking to your Doctor first .

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