Thyroid Diet Tips :

Thyroid disease is a madical condition that affects the overall function of thyroid gland. there are five types of thyroid disease each with there own symptoms. A person may have one or several different types at the same time .the five groups are –

Five groups –

  1. Hypothyroidism low function caused by not having enough free thyroid hormones

2 Hyperthyroidism high function caused by having too many free thyroid hormones

3 Structural abnormalities ,most common is goiter

4 . Tumors. Which can be begin not cancerous or cancerous

5 Abnormal thyroid function is become without any clinically symptoms

normal values are from 0.4 to 4.0 ml U/L for those with no symptoms of an or over active thyroid.some person with a TSH value over 2.0 ml U/L who have no signs suggestive of an under active thyroid may develop hypothyroidism sometime in future.

Diet tips –

Food to eat –


whole egg are best . As much of their iodine and selenium are found in the yellow part of egg such as yolk while white are full of protein

Meat .

all meat including lamb ,beef , chicken

Fish .

seafood is good option for thyroid salmon ,tuna ,halibut ,shrimp etc

Vegetables .

all vegetable but remember to eat cruciferous vegetable choose in moderation


all fruits including berries,orange, tomatoes etc

Gluten free grains and seeds.

rice, buckwheat, quinoa,chia seed and flax seeds.

Dairy .

low fat milk ,yogurt ,cheese etc


water and non caffeinated beverage are allowed

Foods to avoid


avoid all varieties

High processed food .

all types of junk food ,hot dog ,cakes , cookies

Soy-based foods.

Tofu,tempeh,edamame,beans,soy milk ,soya chap,nuteralla

Cruciferous vegetables.

broccoli, kale, spinach , cabbage etc

Fruits .

peaches ,pears , strawberries

Beverage .

coffee , green tea, alcohol , artificial beverage

suppliments adequate intake of selenium and iodine are good for thyroid health.

generally deficiency of vitamin D ,zinc , thiamine ,B 6 ,iodine , magnesium, selenium can exacerbate hypothyroid symptoms like fatigue, anxiety,and low mood .so make sure your diet full of nourishment and provides optimal amount of macronutrients and micronutrients. In general a diet rich in nutritious foods and low in pro inflammatory foods like added sugar and ultra – Processed food can be helpful for most everyone with hypothyroidism.mustard oil not suitable for thyroid patients so preferred coconut oil .

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