world liver day April 19 -2023

April 19 designated as World liver day and every year this day is observed to raised awareness of liver -related diseased and to promote the health of the liver. the liver plays a vital role in the metabolism of nutrients. the human liver weight approximately 1500 gram and comprises -2% of total BW, making it largest gland in the body. it is located below the diaphragm on the right side of the abdominal cavity .it has four incomplete separated lobes .

Functions –

Blood Supply

Biliary Flow

Metabolism –

Carbohydrates Metabolism

Protein metabolism

Lipid Metabolism

Breakdown of insulin and hormones as well as bilirubin via glucuronidation .

Blood reservoir

Lymph production

The liver stores multitudes of substances, including vitamin A, D, B12, K, E , Iron, Copper, Zinc ‘ Cobalt , Molybdenum.


Purification of blood

Immunological functions

produced albumin.

Angiotensinogen synthesizes..

Produces the Liver enzyme.

Decrease the aging process .

How to protect liver 

The human liver is the body’s primary organ for the detoxification .

Some tips for maintaned liver health –

Consume a healthy and balanced diet rich in protein  and fibre,regular exercise and meditation  to reduce stress .

Avoid alcohol and smoking .

Avoid self – medication .

Taking vaccination on time.

Maintain healthy weight.

Avoid sharing contaminated needle and unprotected sex.  

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