Few simple tips which should be given to the patient -: 1- Try to restrict the consumption of milk and dairy products. because they are difficult to digest. 2- Avoid fried and spicy food. 3- Avoid raw food like salad. 4- Boiling, steaming, baking cooking should be preferred. 5- Consume small and light meal frequently interval instead of three big meals. 6-choose plenty of fluids like lemon juice, fruit juice, vegetables homemade soup, dal water, rice water, thin salty butter milk, coconut water to maintain losses of fluid. 7- have banana, apple, potato they are rich in potassium which helps to maintain electrolyte balance. BRAT stand for bananas, rice, apples ‘ toast ‘ these foods are bland, so they won’t be aggressive for digestive system. 8- The most important treatment of diarrhea is to drink fluids that contain water, salt, sugar, Sach as oral rehydration solution.

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