summer diet tips by dietician Richa Tiwari

“Summer means happy times and good sunshine.” – Brian Wilson

in summer dehydration is main issue so have eaten a lot of fresh fruits ‘raw salads and light spiced food. fruits and vegetable are easy to digest and high-water content and hence help in hydration. avoid fried, spicy junk because they take time to digest and required a lot of water. spicy food can also increase. Body heat. eating this food during summer can make you dehydrated and sick. avoid these foods! coffee, alcohol, high protein food such as meat products, tea, dark chocolate. summer makes you thirsty more often which makes us resort to cold drink and energy drink that prove not good for your health so prefer drinking orange or melon juice. eat more watermelon sesame’ coconut water, cucumber, mint, funnel seeds. include flavored chilled milk, lassi salty or sweet, lemon water. salty Sattu will be makes you energetic and cool during hot wave in summer season.

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